Rachel Glassberg: Words

Hi, I’m Rachel and this is the place where I sell you on my writing skills.

For five years, I served as deputy editor of the Berlin English-language magazine Exberliner. I’m currently available for freelance commissions, collaborations, campaigns… get in touch and we’ll talk.


In between editing issues of Exberliner, I’ve written about Berlin’s crayfish invasion, women*-only music initiatives, Syrian entrepreneurs, anti-Semitism and the draconian music rights organisation GEMA. I’ve visited a line dancing bar and a Wild West theme park to get to the root of Germany’s fascination with country music and Native American culture. I’ve purchased (unfortunately not enough) Bitcoin during the cryptocurrency’s first price hike in 2014. I’ve gotten rejected from fancypants clubs, tried to get rid of 100 Turkish green peppers after a Foodsharing adventure gone awry, bet on harness racing and more.

I’ve interviewed Olafur Eliasson, the late Mark E. Smith, Jenny Hval and local luminaries like Gurr, Andre de Ridder and Batman himself.

I was commisssioned by Frommers to write the Berlin chapter for their 2016 guide to Germany.

I’ve also done a not-inconsiderable sideline in pseudonymous food writing.