Rachel Glassberg: Words

Rachel Glassberg is a Berlin-based journalist, copywriter, editor and proofreader with expertise in everything from computer game dialogue to digital campaigning to lengthy features on food, travel and politics.

Formerly deputy editor of the English-language magazine Exberliner, she now pseudonymously heads its food section in addition to writing for publications including The Guardian, Frommer’s Travel Guides and The Startup Guide. Other long-term clients include Torpor Games and campaign nonprofit SumOfUs.


Feature on Lidl’s America Week for The Takeout, June 2021

Writing and design on Suzerain, acclaimed text-based political simulator and choose-your-own-adventure game published on Steam and GOG in December 2020

“New life for Switzerland’s hippy valley”, Guardian travel piece exploring Valle Onsernone in Ticino


Travel guides: Frommer’s Switzerland (2019); Frommer’s Germany (2016); and the upcoming Frommer’s Europe (2021)

Copywriting/editing/translation: Select past clients include SumOfUs (petitions, fundraisers and other campaign materials); Entres Le Lignes (proofreading, technical writing and web page copy); Springer Publishing (developmental editing and proofreading)

Exberliner features: All about Berlin’s crayfish invasion, exploring women*-only music initiatives, the Syrian takeover of Sonnenallee, the new wave of anti-Semitism, the draconian music rights organisation GEMA, getting to the root of Germany’s fascination with the American Old West at a line dancing bar and a Wild West theme park, buying Bitcoin during the cryptocurrency’s first price hike in 2014, getting rejected from fancypants clubs, Foodsharing adventures gone awry and much more

Interviews: Olafur Eliasson, the late Mark E. Smith, Jenny Hval and Berlin locals from Gurr to Andre de Ridder to Batman